100% Oilers Campaign Nets Nearly $200,000

Without exceptionally generous outside donors, University of Findlay students would have a much more difficult time being able to afford degrees that allow them to pursue lives and careers of service and fulfillment, and the University itself would have a harder time providing the top-notch education that distinguishes this institution. Contributing to that generosity are faculty and staff contributions that also make a big difference in students’ academic lives.

Each year, the 100% Oilers employee giving campaign asks University of Findlay faculty and staff to pitch in with financial assistance, of any amount they choose, for whatever UF-related area they feel merits their money. Faculty and staff, like anyone else, can therefore donate to a scholarship fund, student organization, the Mazza Museum Fund, the Business Affiliates Scholarship program, and so much more.

The campaign is meant to encourage employees to pause and consider the impact that their time, expertise and financial resources have on students and on the campus’ day-

to-day operations. It’s also an opportunity for the campus community to cohesively reaffirm and uphold the university’s educational mission.

The fiscal year 2018 100% Oilers campaign ended up being a particularly successful one. According to Kelly M. Warner, director of annual giving for UF’s Advancement Office, faculty and staff gave back a whopping $196,000. Out of the University’s 15 departments, eight had 100 percent campaign participation.

Overall, the campaign “secured 86.7 percent participation from employees, which is an all-time record,” said Warner. Two years ago, the effort had an 80.5 percent participation rate.