Responding to COVID-19

Around 150 Classroom COVID Mitigation Stations with disinfectant wipes, face shields, gloves, and hand sanitizer.

Every water fountain on campus converted to “water bottle only.”

Plexiglass at every “point of sale” area in the bookstore, Financial Aid Office, Henderson Dining Hall, Business Office, and others.

Signs directing campus on COVID protocol.

20 Hand-held electrostatic sprayers and 4 rolling sprayers that create a positively charged ion with the disinfectant spray that wraps around surfaces.

Bipolar Ionization System installed into air handling units in buildings such as the Henderson Dining Hall and Winebrenner Theological Seminary TLB Hall that creates positively charged ions which kill the virus and essentially scrubs the air.

New HVAC systems in Henderson Dining Hall and The Village; soon in 19 individual classroom units in Brewer Frost to combat virus prone stagnant air.